Our Ventures

Vision is not enough; it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairsValclav Havel

Malagroup is having the ventures in different segments like music, media & jewellery boxes. Our core team are exploring to diversify in more & more different segments.

Pulse Music India

Pulse Music India (PMI) has emerged to be India’s leading and trusted name in the music company and is comprised of two core businesses: music album and music video.

VRS Multimedia

VRS Multimedia is recognized as one of the leading media agency for national communications in the India. We understand the variants of consumer habits by and use this insight to maximize the performance of our clients’ business.

Kuldeep Jewel Box

Kuldeep jewel box Has been producing and distributing a variety of unique and high quality jewelry boxes, jewelry displays and jewelry packaging that’s both endearing and elegant. Kuldeep jewel Box. keeps on evolving and updating product designs and concepts to keep up with the latest trends and with our customer’s preferences and requests.